an ancient charming villa


Our Villa Margherita, situated on the western shores of Lake Maggiore, a few kilometers from the Gulf of Borromeo, was built by the Cabella family from Genoa in the early twentieth century of the last century in a ruined part of Lesa, near the lake. The villa and its garden are embedded in a legally protected bank strip with parks and gardens and historic villas along Lake Maggiore. In 1952 the Villa Margherita was built by us, the Visentini family, and was passionately and cautiously transformed into a guesthouse to offer guests a romantic place to explore one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The Villa Margherita has retained its authentic charm and its historical value in every detail. The garden of the villa is an outstanding example of a historically grown park. One example of the "Pinus Strobus", the Weymouth pine, is a particularly impressive one with over 100 years. Two minutes from the villa of the quiet public beach of "Madonna di Campagna". We are pleased to host a peaceful green oasis among ancient woods. The landscape ideal for your holidays by Maggiore Lake.


All spacious rooms are furnished with antique furniture, wooden floor and overlook the park. For the environment we have installed solar panels to provide hot water. Breakfast at the "German" is served in dining rooms or in the park shaded by flowers and cheered by the songs of birds seasonal. Guests have access to a large veranda with spaces for reading, c.onversation, snacks, furnished with sofas and chairs, fridge for drinks or food.

Our villa, having kept the original design characteristics, it is not suitable for people with walking difficulties as the rooms are located on the first and second floor, reached by internal stairs - no elevator.


The park welcomes the visitor with beautiful plants typical of Lake Maggiore. A splendid example of century-old pine, over 200 years old, has a truly impressive appearance. To the left of the entrance gate there is also a secular camellia of the rarest species. Palms of various sizes, azalea spots, a red beech and many bushes that change the colors of the park following the rhythm of the seasons. Squirrels and many birds will keep you company.